Saturday, November 17, 2007

T S U R U What???

Graphic Logo by Drew Brockington

Hi, I'm Aaron Driggers aka "Tsuru" and I'd like to talk about this whole Tsuru-thing Baby & I have got going on...

But first, I'd like to answer the question we get asked all the time.... "what's a 'Tsuru' anyway"? This is usually followed by "and how the hell do you pronounce it"? Well after a couple years of this, it's about time we put this to rest, shall we? Hopefully, we shall...

Tsuru is Japanese for Crane. It's basically pronounced like "sue" as in "I'm getting sued by the RIAA", quickly followed by a "roo" as in "kangaroo", the "T" is relatively silent. Or, as I like to say, it's pronounced "sü to the rü... yo."

So, why use a Japanese Crane as our namesake for all our musical, design, and artistic endeavours? Great question.... The crane has been an ever-present "theme" in my wife & I's relationship, beginning with the story of the Crane Wife (an ancient Japanese morality tale of love, trust, loyalty, respect, and appreciating what you have or it will be gone... forever) that was captured ever so perfectly by The Decemberists in their 2006 LP by the same name, continuing when I proposed at a little indoor picnic before we headed out ot a magical Decemberists concert (where we got commemorative t-shirts) and stays present in all our projects today (including my half-sleeve on my left arm).

Cranes are loyal, mating for life, they are represented in Greek, Roman, and Asian cultures as a bird of joy, of light, and youthful happiness, as well as symbolizing harmony & peace. One look at any of the family of sites, and you'll see we strive to never take life too seriously, preferring personal happiness over popularity or wealth. And yeah, we intend to "mate for life".

When TSURURADIO first went online on January of 2007, I wanted something that represented my love of music and the love of my life, and when it finally popped in our collective heads, it was just too perfect. Since then, my incredibly talented wife, Meghan Willis, who I always referred to on message boards and on my site as "TsuruBride" started taking her amazing designs online, first to Etsy, then starting her own blog to show her friends and fans what's going on, it only made sense to keep the TsuruBride moniker that she'd become known as to the readers of TSURURADIO.

As if that wasn't enough, eh? Earlier in 2008 I FINALLY got my photography porfolio back online, after a number of years in obscurity, over at Born In A Bottle Rocket, and I was hesitant to share my real name in association with TSURURADIO so I buried it in the link love section of the site, but as my wife & I's anonymity began to vanish, and my desire to have a more updatable format for my photography grew, TSURUFOTO was born! HOORAY!

Next up was getting my photography in a shop to make it available to you, to help support the Tsuru Family, and, who knows, maybe stop working for "the man" one day. Etsy, with it's huge users and it's desire to create a community of small artisans and craftsfolks, was so wonderful for baby, it was a perfect home for the TSURUFOTO shop and sure enough, TSURUFOTO: Etsy Edition was open for business!

Crazy, eh? But guess what..... we aren't done yet. With the Etsy shop open, it was time to start reelin' in some of the posting, we were getting a little spread thin, also, baby & I wanted to start doing show together as Tsuru & The Bride, so the logical evolution was merging our two creative endeavour blogs into one, low & behold, Tsuru And The Bride was born!!!

So I hope this explains everything... what lies next? We have no idea, but I'm sure whatever it is, we'll make the adjustments and enjoy the hell out of it!

Oh and hey, feel free to drop me or the Mrs a line if you want to model for me, got an idea for her, or just want to say "hey", we'd love to hear from you! Until then...

Aaron & Meghan aka Tsuru & The Bride

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