Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bicycle love...

"Coconut Man" by Me...

With our exciting bike photo contest still running for 5 more days (featuring the above print as one of the prizes) and with my new bike Clementine being adopted into our family, my mind is on nothing by bikes lately! So, baby & I thought it would be fun to showcase a few of our favourite bicycle-themed Etsy finds that are threatening to make me bankrupt!

"The Banana Bike Illustration" by blueberryshoes

First up is our friend blueberryshoes and her latest illustration. Love this!

"Recycled Bangle - Orbiting Chain Spacers" by The Inner Works

Made from bike spokes? Are you serious? Wow.

"B for Bernard print" by ihaveaprint

We bought this one for a couple who is having a baby! Their last name starts with B, and the husband is my cycling partner-in-crime. So, you know, we HAD to buy it.

"Address Stamp - Olivia" by RubberStampPress

This is really cool. Sure beats those sticker things you can buy and DEFINITELY beats writing your address by hand. Too band I rarely need to mail stuff.

"Tandem Bike Love" Gocco Screenprinted folded card by heatherjeany

But if I DID have to mail, say, a card, what better way to do it than this tandem print folded card? Gorgeous.

"Velocipede - Vintage Poker Chip Pendant" by You Are My Sunshine

Risque Photo Cameo silver plated Pendant and Chain by nouveaumotley

Two our favourite bike-themed pendants. I picked the poker chip with the encyclopedia print, baby picked the nude cameo, I swear!

"Recycled wool cap with Recycled Silk lining" by littlepackage

What better way to complete the outfit than a recycled wool cycling cap? I just wish my giant pineapple shaped head could rock one..... sigh.

"Going To See My Baby Orange" by strawberryluna

Self-explanatory, don't you think?

"Bicycle Sticker Set" by Brambleberry Lane

Stickers & bicycles, bicycles with stickers.... match made in heaven, no?

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Blueberry Shoes said...

awww thanks so much for the banana bike feature! you guys are the best :)

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