Friday, October 16, 2009

Don't forget - Craftin' Outlaws and Duet Contest Deadline is tomorrow!

So tomorrow is going to be a busy day! First up, if you're in the Columbus, OH area make sure you stop by Lodge Bar for Craftin' Outlaws!

Bebe and I are going to be there from 11am - 6pm selling our stuff (super awesome photographic prints and purses). Bebe, is also playing DJ and providing the music! We're gonna be dancing all day long! We're also going to be doing some shopping since there are lots of talented artists there selling their goodies. For instance, we own one of YumiYumi's colorful prints, I'm always hinting to bebe about getting me one of Anne Holman's stunning cabochon pieces for my birthday, and the girls have Creatrix Jane/Liberty Handknit headbands. Can't wait to look through all the goodies!!

Then, when we get home, we get to sort through the entries for:

That's right, the deadline is tomorrow! Have you entered yet?? You can get all the details about the contest here!

So what are you waiting for????

No really, what are waiting for??? Get your entries in and get your credit card warmed up! =)

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