Monday, October 12, 2009

Tabs At The Capital Motel

Doing a little test by publishing via email...  Let's see how this goes.

Last Thursday I had the fortune to work with Tabs for another of my Motel Girls series of photoshoots..  It was great to be back at Capital Motel, the place is loaded with texture & color, with it's old walls, painted a kinda minty green, and shitty wood furniture, and what not.  Tabs took advantage of the room perfectly, in a tutu, in this old slip I had, and partially nude.  One of my favourite shots was actually the one above, shot more on a whim because she said she had two different coloured eyes.  The bathroom had two bright ass flourescent lights on either side of the mirror, so I held the camera against the mirror and had her stand at a few different distances (I couldn't frame the image, so I had to wing it). 

Above is the result, the best of three tries... and I love it. 


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