Saturday, October 3, 2009

Tsuru & The Bride Present... The Duet Photo Contest!!!

Alright! As you may (or may not) know, Craftin Outlaws is almost upon us! Baby & I's very first joint show together!!! WOOOOT!

We are VERY excited -- and maybe a little nervous, I mean, MY photography and HER amazing leather clutches, purses, and accessories? Like chocolate & peanut-butter or like oil & vinegar? -- and to celebrate this new adventure, we'd thought it'd be a blast to have another photo contest!

The theme? Twos... Can be the number 2, a pair of things, your two fingers, you and your significant other, two wheels, two ANYTHING! Even a two-headed turtle!

Just have fun...

The prizes?? Ah, this is pretty cool... Not only will you receive a 5" x 5" print of "Aaron Loves Meghan" from above...

BUT, you will ALSO receive a cardholder of your choice from the TsuruBride Etsy Shop!!! Here's one of my favourites (of course)...

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAND...... it wouldn't be a contest prize package without something cycling related, right? So, I'll also throw in a water bottle from when I went Pedaling for Pets!!!

It even has that horrible graphic, but in ALL red, for you to proudly display!!!!

Okay, the directions..... it don't get much easier than this!

1. Take a photo of anything that is a pair, side-by-side, left & right, whatever, as long as it's two of something. As always, it can be as literal, figurative, abstract, obtuse, metaphorical, or ironic as you want it to be, just HAVE FUN! The world is much too serious to take this too seriously, eh?

2. Send us the photo in one of the following ways:

Pretty easy, eh?

Contest ends the day of Craftin' Outlaws, i.e. October 17!

After the show, that Sunday we'll sort through everything and Monday make the annoucement (and if I can get to it, another fun mixtape)! Can't wait to see all the entries.... So get photoin'!!!!

Tsuru & The Bride...

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