Sunday, December 13, 2009

A huge THANK YOU and Merry Christmas!

So last year, I made a fun little "card" with one of my designs, and I thought I would continue the tradition.

I also need to say a HUGE THANK YOU! to everyone who helped make TsuruBride a success this year. I'm super excited to see what will happen next year and I already have a sketch book full of ideas that I just need to time to make!
I especially want to thank 4 people:
My darling, talented, and sexy husband - Mr. Tsuru - who is the most supportive man on the planenet!
The wonderful people of Etsy, without whom I would not be able to share my creations and then they would be flooding my brain.
The uber talented Jill - she has a shop of lovely things HERE, and she helped me get through all the orders I had this holiday season. Please go buy lots of things from her shop!!
The seamstress with the most-est Mary, who also helped me get through my orders. She has some mad skillz and you can own her amazing creations by shopping HERE!

After tomorrow I'm mostly done shipping my holiday orders, so then I can spend more time creating, posting on ye olde blogge, as well as flexing my creative muscles on some of my side projects. Also, I need to get the tree up... (can't believe we haven't done that yet!)

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mary moon designs said...

Hey Megan, Thanks for the shout out. Love the card too cute! Here's to a successful and GREAT 2010 CHEERS!!!!!
Mary mOON

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